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The Flash Director: Raimi, Vaughn and Zemeckis Fighting For the Top Spot

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Can we just make this movie already? Come on now.

The mystery person behind the Director slot of The Flash has been unknown for a while now. After Rick Famuwiya left amidst transgressions with the script, the film was delayed out of its original February 2018 release date. We may not have to wait much longer for an announcement, as three different reports have surfaced today with each one citing a separate "front runner" for the role.

First, The Wrap broke the story that Robert Zemeckis would be the final choice. No other information other than anonymous sources was cited, but the Forrest Gump Director has been rumored for a while. Variety then chimed in stating that Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman) would be the choice, again citing sources close to the situation. Not to be outdone in the world of Hollywood rumor mills, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Spider-man Director Sam Raimi would end up in charge of the scarlet speedster.

None of these reports were verified, but it is interesting to see all three reports announced on the same day. Most likely what happened is each outlet of course has a different "source", and all three are in the running with the final choice. Each choice most likely just stated their personal favorite. The Flash has been without a Director since Famuwiya left as noted. After Wonder Woman on June 2nd and Justice League coming up on November 17th, their will be 13 full months until the next DC film hits with Aquaman hitting theaters on December 21st, 2018.

We'll have to wait and see what the final choice is, but whoever it is Warner Bros needs to choose soon. 

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