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Gifted, Bryan Singer's X-Men TV series, has details revealed in casting call

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Last week was a flurry of information regarding Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men TV series on Fox, including the official name reveal of Gifted. Thanks to a new casting call today, we have some details on nine extras roles that the studio is seeking for the pilot. Over on MyCastingFile, a number of positions popped up including the following

  1. High school students at dance
  2. Seedy types at bar
  3. Native Americans at outpost
  4. 4AM diner patrons
  5. Hotel maid
  6. Law office background
  7. Barfly woman
  8. 14-17 year old high school students
  9. Sentinel service techs

We've known that sentinels are in the show, but this confirms their appearance for the pilot which means it should start off pretty action packed. Gifted is about a mother Kate  (Amy Acker- Agents of SHIELD) and father Reed (Stephen Moyer- True Blood) who go on the run from the government after finding out their daughter Lauren (Natalie Alyn - Gotham) is a mutant. They run into a group of underground mutants, including Gotham's Jamie Chung as Blink, and enlist their help to escape the government. Using sentinels, the government's aim is to track down all of the mutants. 

Gifted airs on Fox later this year with no exact release date yet. 

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