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Review: Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5 Child of LIght marks the end of the best Batman story ever made

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Game: Batman: The Telltale Series episode 5 City of Light

Release date: December 13th, 2016

Developer/Publisher: Telltale Series


After the first four episodes of Batman: The Telltale Series, we were left with a number of new twists to the franchise, new villains and the most creative story so far. Depending on the choices you made in episode 4, City of Light will start at very different places. Some players will simply not have the same choice options available. Telltale Games wraps up all of the villains stories nicely with no loose ends in what is the best Batman story ever made across any medium.

With his family legacy at stake, Harvey Dent full on Two-Face and Lady Arkham still terrorizing the city, Bruce is the subject of many dilemnas. The psychological turmoil he has gone through is on full display, and Bruce is struggling with who he really is. Such a fresh take on the Batman storyline, Telltale manages to bring to the forefront issues that have been present for Batman's 76 years of history, but have been glossed over due to the human infatuation for the exotic. Batman is the symbol for the true personification of what everyone wants to be. It may not literally be Batman, but it's the symbol for being able to overcome and control adversity. Taking down all of the bad that you can in order to help the "real" you in your own life. The only issue with Batman is that he refuses to focus on Bruce Wayne because, after all, there is always something bad happening in Gotham that Batman needs to fix. Batman: The Telltale Series merges these two worlds with that "something bad" being Bruce Wayne's family. 

With a litany of problems popping up out of nowhere, Bruce has to decide whether to tackle his problems as the Bat or Bruce himself. Oswald is gone after the conclusion of episode 4, yet he doesn't make an appearance in this final episode. Lady Arkham's story is resolved, Harvey Dent's story is resolved, Selina Kyle's story is resolved but Bruce's story continues. At the conclusion of the episode, you will be forced to make a choice that not only sets up season 2 (because we all knew it was coming), but the mindset in which it will occur. City of Light wraps up the debate perfectly, depending on your choices, on who is Bruce Wayne's true personality and who is the mask protecting him from?

Technically speaking, City of Light is the best episode of the series. In playing through in order to see both endings, we didn't experience any glitches or frame rate drops which tend to plague some Telltale games. After the issues experienced in episode 4, Telltale appears to have been all hands on deck for the finale as it went off without a hitch. The fight scenes occur more often, are longer in length and didn't present any issues as commands not being recognized. The voice acting in this episode was the best by far of the series, even surpassing Guardian of Gotham last month. The emotional impact that characters were going through were visibly seen on screen, and the voice actors brought it to life with brilliantly executed tone of voice. 

This final episode was the best in the series so far, and although we've said it previously, Batman: The Telltale Series presents the best story in the franchise's history across any platform bar none. It's a unique story that every fan of Batman needs to play as it opens up a new frame of thought for people. After everything Batman has gone through, he is after all, still Bruce Wayne. He's a man. He has issues. He deals with them by always putting himself last. It is Telltale, so of course you know we're gonna have a season two. The end of the episode reveals that with a rather interesting twist. We know who the villain is going to be, of course, but how the story will unfold with either of your two new mindsets will be a drastic change to the Batman series.

If you haven't played it yet, be sure to download it right away as Batman: The Telltale Series is the best story in the history of the Batman franchise bar none.  

Additional Info

  • Overall Score: 90/100 - The best Telltale game series so far and the best Batman story in the history of the franchise
  • Audio: Voice acting was delivered well with a nice blend of tone of voice and body language
  • Graphics: More detailed than your typical episode. There were a lot of different scene locations in this episode and each one was detailed very well.
  • Gameplay: No technical issues, which was a relief in the series finale. Combat was fluid and I didn't experience any frame rate drops
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